Cone Heads Buy One Get One 50% on all Burgers, Food discount off and Sale

Conehead offer buy one Get one 50% off on all stuffed Burgers. This deal is valid on all stores and is for Black Friday Weekend.  Cone Heads is an Australian brand famous for premium quality healthy chips and fire-grilled burgers. Founded in Melbourne by Gary Katacouzinos, a chef and a food professional with over 30 years of experience in the industry. Gary with his experience and knowledge, incorporated the best elements of his father’s old-fashioned Fish & Chips shop, Chicken shop and the classic take-away into a modern Chips & Gravy concept to create exciting products and provide faster service by using the most innovative cooking technology and equipment available.
Cone Heads™ quickly became a local favorite for its Chips & Gravy and Fire-grilled Burgers. Our version of Poutine, Fish’n’Chips, Chicken n’ Chips and Calamari Rings have also proven their popularity with a large cult following. Today, Cone Heads™ is rated as one of the best Chips & Gravy brands and is continuing to expand its presence in the local and international markets.


At Cone Heads™, we believe in health, nutrition, best quality ingredients and great flavors, and we practice that belief by serving our customers freshly prepared healthy food by combining 100% real ingredients and modern cooking techniques. We are dedicated to minimize our impact on the environment, our packaging is made from recyclable materials and is specifically designed by engineers to maintain the flavor and freshness of the products.


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Cost : Buy one Get one 50% off
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